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Fringe cod.TFPO166 Synthetic Hair

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Do you want to change look every time that you desire? Do you want to see you with the fringe without cutting your hair? We have the right solution for you! A top quality synthetic hair fringe available in different shades that can be perfectly mixed with the colour of your hair. Choose the fringe in a colour that is similar to the one of your hair. The fringe can be applied with some small simple gestures, and most of all you can put it and remove it when you want! 

The fringe can be cut. There are 3 easy clips that allow you to fix the fringe to your hair in a safe way with maximum easiness.

It is also available human hair version model Fringe cod.TFPO166NAT Human Hair

[Model in the photo wears the fringe in colour LIGHT BLOND/MEDIUM BLOND MIX]


Hair type: Synthetic

care and

To preserve the bright, soft and natural appearance of your fringe we suggest you to follow the instructions below concerning care and maintenance. Fringe has to be washed around every one or two weeks, if you often use it. In the "Accessories"  section you can find specific products for washing, care and maintenance.

Proceed with washing as follows:
> Brush it with a large-tooth comb with gentleness before you wash it.
> Prepare a basin or fill up the washbasin with COLD water.
> Add a small quantity of shampoo for synthetic fibre and make the water foam.
> Immerse the fringe completely (Photo A - Washing) and leave it to soak for approximately 5/6 minutes massaging the hair delicately with the fingers, without wrinkle and shake.
> After that, take the fringe out of the water and rinse it well with COLD water without wring out. If available, you can use a shower head to rinse it.
> Repeat washing and rinsing a second time as above described.
To keep the fringe bright and soft we suggest you to apply after the shampoo a conditioner specific for synthetic fibre (you find it on our website at the section "Accessories").
> Wet the fringe delicately with COLD water, holding it with a hand, using a shower head if available.
> Apply a quantity of conditioner proportional to the length on wet hair
> Massage and brush with a large-tooth comb gently for a few minutes. 
> After that rinse the fringe well with COLD water without wring out.
> Wrap the fringe in a soft towel and dab delicately in order to remove water in excess without rub it.
> Let the fringe dry at the air at room-temperature: if you wash it in the evening, you will find it dry the morning after.
> Only when the fringe is completely dry, you can brush it VERY gently with the fingers or with a tail comb to give the desired style desired.
It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to brush the fringe until it is not completely dry. IT IS FORBIDDEN to use hair-drier, hair straightener and any other tool that employ heat (Photo B - Avoid heat sources). DON'T bring the fringe nearer to any source of heat or hot object. The worst enemy of synthetic fibre is strong heat! DON'T do any hair dye, highlights, permanent or any other treatment. DON'T use hair spray, hair gel, oil, hair mousse or any other hair product because you risk to damage the fibre. DON'T sleep wearing the fringe.

Photo A - Washing Photo B - Avoid heat sources on synthetic hair

to wear

Fringe can be applied with some small simple gestures, and most of all you can put it and remove it when you want! How to wear it:

- separate hair making centre parting
- brush hair behind ears
- open all clips
- fix first central clip and then side clips to your hair


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