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Underwig Bamboo Cap Christine Style 1007 NOULI (8246)

  • Collection Laikly

€ 18,20

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This cap is ideal under the wig or under the turban because it is very reduced, imperceptible, thin and it is studied specifically to avoid them to slip and to isolate the skin. It can be weared also to sleep or during relaxing moments. It protects head from cold. This cap is very comfortable and soft, seamless, realized in bamboo viscose that is an innovative fabric notoriously suitable for sensitive skins or for people who are subject to hypersensitivity to some fabrics. Organic, breathable and antibacterial fabric. 

Colour 1007-0249 is suitable for dark complexions or under dark hair wigs. Colour 1007-0248 is suitable for light complexions or under light hair wigs.

Material: bamboo viscose

Unique size

care and

Material: bamboo viscose