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Woman's Hairpiece DIANA-L SYN | Synthetic Hair

€ 34,00

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DIANA-L SYN  is a small and practical hairpiece with open-weave base easily applicable to own hair with clips or hairgrips.  

It is available also in version DIANA SYN that has a lower length of the hair!

Sizes: cm 12 x cm 9

Hair length: cm 18


Toupees and Hairpieces : For her

Hair type: Synthetic

care and

Washing  instructions:

  • Comb the hairpiece with a large-tooth comb with gentleness before washing it
  • Prepare a basin or fill up the washbasin with COLD water
  • Add a small quantity of shampoo for synthetic hair and make the water foam
  • Immerse the hairpiece completely and leave it to soak for approximately 5/6 minutes massaging the hair delicately with the fingers, without wrinkle and shake.
  • After that, take the hairpiece out of the water and rinse it well with COLD water without wring out. If available, you can use a shower head to rinse the hairpiece.
  • Repeat washing and rinsing a second time.
  • Wrap the hairpiece in a soft towel delicately in order to remove water in excess without rub it.
  • Catch the hairpiece and shake it lightly head down to give volume
  • Let the hairpiece dry at the air at room-temperature: if you wash it in the evening, you will find it dry the morning after.


Only when the hairpiece is completely dry, you can comb it VERY gently with the fingers or with a tail comb to give the desired style desired.
It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to comb the hairpiece until it is not completely dry. IT IS FORBIDDEN to use hair-drier, hair straightener and any other tool that employ heat. DON'T bring the hairpiece nearer to any source of heat or hot object. The worst enemy of synthetic fibre is strong heat! DON'T do any hair dye, highlights, permanent or any other treatment. DON'T use hair spray, hair gel, oil, hair mousse or any other hair product because you risk to damage the fibre. DON'T sleep wearing the hairpiece.

to wear

Apply to your own hair with clips or hairgrips.


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