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Woman's Hairpiece IGEA HH | Human Hair

€ 552,00

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IGEA HH is a wonderful partial hairpiece especially well-thought to recreate naturally parting zone on your hairstyle. Ideal for people who have a localized thinning in this zone and want to camouflage it recreating their own habitual hairstyle!

IGEA HH is realized with human hair, very light, hair are hand-knotted on ultra thin monofilament that  perfectly adapts to the shades of the skin resulting completely invisible.

At the base there are 4 small clips that allow you to fix easily and quickly the hairpiece to your own hair. 

IGEA is available also in the version with synthetic hair.

Sizes:  ~ cm 8 x cm 13,5

Hair length: ~ cm 25/30

Because of the particular size of the cap this item is available only upon order.


Toupees and Hairpieces : For her

Hair type: Human

care and

Washing  instructions:

  • Comb the hairpiece with a large-tooth comb with gentleness before wash it
  • Wet it gently with TEPID water, holding it with a hand within the cap, using a shower head if available. 
  • Apply a small quantity of neutral shampoo (we recommend "Shampoo P.E.+S") and comb delicately, WITHOUT TANGLE THE HAIR.   
  • After that rinse well the hairpiece with TEPID water without wring out, continuing brush it with a large-tooth comb.
  • Repeat washing and rinsing a second time proceeding as above described.
  • To keep the hairpiece bright and soft we suggest you to apply a gentle hair conditioner for treated hair on the lengths (in the section "Accessories" you find for example "Conditioner P.E.+C") continuing to brush hair delicately.
  • Let the conditioner act for 5/6 minutes.
  • After that rinse the hairpiece well with TEPID water without wring out, continuing brush the hair.
  • Wrap the hairpiece in a soft towel delicately in order to remove water in excess without rub it.
  • Concerning hairpiece's drying you can proceed in two ways: let the hairpiece dry at the air at room-temperature leaning it on a polystyrene head, or you can dry it with hair-drier giving to the hairpiece the desired style.


DON'T use the hair-drier with the maximum temperature and DON'T keep it too close to the internal cap because you risk to sear it and avoid compromising the gloss and the softness of the hair. We advice you against using hair straightener, curling irons, hot rollers or any other instrument which use heat as elevated temperature risks to compromise hair quality. If you use rollers you can employ hood dryer with medium temperature. 
Brush the hairpiece with a large-tooth comb always with maximum gentleness to avoid to slacken hair knot. You can use hair products in minimum quantity. In any case we advice against applying hair spray or hair mousse or other products that contain gas, alcohol or other aggressive ingredients. DON'T sleep wearing the hairpiece.

to wear

  • Open all the clips of the hairpiece
  • Position it on your head ensuring to find the ideal point
  • Insert your hair in the teeth of the clips and close them
  • Comb your hair gently with a large-tooth comb together with them of the hairpiece and amaze final effect!

It is also possible to trim the edge of the monofilament and optimize it in order to obtain an even more personalized effect!


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