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Man Toupee CUSTOMIZE Mono Transparent SYN | Synthetic Hair

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Man toupee hand made with synthetic hair individually knotted that guarantee any style!

Cap is entirely made with monofilament. Along the perimeter there is moreover a band of soft and transparent polyurethane that allows to apply adhesive (double-sided tape or liquid adhesive). In order to add naturalness, in the front there is ultra thin polyurethane ending with shaped lace.

This item is available also in the version CUSTOMIZE Mono Transparent HH made with human hair click here to see it

Size: ~ cm 26 x cm 19 *

Hair length: ~ cm 9 - 13 

* Toupee can be easily reduced cutting along the bands of adhesive holder to the following sizes:

 ~ cm 23 x cm 18   /   ~ cm 20 x cm 16   /   ~ cm 18,5 x cm 15

CUSTOMIZE can be shaped also on the front side to achieve maximum comfort and naturalness ever!

Because of the particular size of the cap this item is available only upon order.


Toupees and Hairpieces : For him

Hair type: Synthetic

care and

As the toupee is realized with synthetic hair we suggest to wash it not wearing it, in any case below we give you some indications to proceed in both cases.

Washing instructions wearing the toupee:

  • Apply a neutral shampoo (we recommend "Shampoo P.E.+S") and make foam massaging the hair gently
  • Rinse well and if you consider it worthwhile repeat a second time the shampoo
  • Dab with a towel gently in order to remove water in excess without rub
  • Let it dry without using hair dryer or other sources of heat

Washing instructions not wearing the toupee (recommended at least 1 time every 10-15 days as this allow a deeper cleaning):

  • Remove possible residues of adhesive with a cotton pad soaked of the specific remover
  • Prepare a basin or fill up the washbasin with COLD water
  • Add a small quantity of shampoo for synthetic hair and make the water foam
  • Immerse the toupee completely and leave it to soak for approximately 5/6 minutes massaging the hair delicately with the fingers, without wrinkle and shake.
  • After that, take it out of the water and rinse it well with COLD water without wring out. If available, you can use a shower head to rinse the toupee
  • Repeat washing and rinsing a second time
  • Wrap the toupee in a soft towel dabbing it delicately in order to remove water in excess without rub it
  • Catch the toupee with a hand and shake it head down lightly to give volume
  • Let it dry at the air at room-temperature: if you wash it in the evening, you will find it dry the morning after


Only when the toupee is completely dry, you can comb it VERY gently with the fingers or with a tail comb to give the desired style.
It is absolutely FORBIDDEN to comb the toupee until it is not completely dry. IT IS FORBIDDEN to use hair-drier, hair straightener and any other tool that employ heat. DON'T bring the hairpiece nearer to any source of heat or hot object. The worst enemy of synthetic fibre is strong heat! DON'T do any hair dye, highlights, permanent or any other treatment. DON'T use hair spray, hair gel, oil, hair mousse or any other hair product because you risk to damage the fibre.

to wear

Using double-sided tape:

  • Wash well the skin and dry it perfectly
  • Apply small pieces of tape on the cap of the toupee
  • Remove the adhesive paper above the tape and couple to the skin in ideal position
  • Proceed with cut and style (we suggest to make a layered cut that creates uniformity between own hair and those of the toupee)

Using Liquid Adhesive:

  • Wash well the skin and dry it perfectly 
  • Put a small quantity of liquid adhesive on the polyurethane stripe that is on the toupee and on the skin in the point where it will be positioned  
  • Wait 30 seconds and then couple the prosthesis in the ideal position
  • Proceed with cut and set (we suggest to make a layered cut that gives uniformity between own hair and those of the toupee)