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Double-sided tape extension L50 | Human Hair

€ 59,00

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Quick extensions, long-lasting and easily reusable? Here they are... Double-sided tape extensions!

Their particular shape is studied to guarantee an application extremely easy and quick without use of specific instruments; to fix a single lock it is sufficient a simple pressure of the fingers.

The innovative feature is the possibility to re-use again and again the locks simply substituting double-sided tape that is studied specifically for hair. 


Width: section of ultrathin double-sided tape cm 4 large and cm1 high

Hair length: cm 50

Set: 6 pieces of extensions

(Available also in version cm 40 hair length click here to see it)

Laikly uses only Remy hair. This quality allows to preserve hair cuticle maintaining all scales oriented in the same direction, avoids that hair knot easily and results extremely pleasant to the touch and fluid to the brush.

care and

We suggest to wash own hair with extension locks fixed using a shampoo for treated hair. We recommend to apply then a conditioner to preserve hair softness.

to wear

Very simple application:

  • Choose a double-sided tape extension lock
  • Bend it
  • Select a thin lock of hair
  • Remove the protective film from extension's adhesive
  • Distribute in uniform way the hair lock on half of the double-sided tape
  • Close the extension making double-sided tape adhere and put a light pressure with the fingers
  • Et voilà!

Remove the extensions is as much simple and quick; you just have to apply some drops of Remover above the double-sided tape and remove it!


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